Trip Report for Southern Tamaulipas, Mexico, October 19 — October 22, 2007
Participants: Gill Carter, Will Carter, Richard Lehman

Author: Richard Lehman, Weslaco, Texas

After crossing the border at Los Indios, we drove straight through to Los Troncones Canyon just north of Cd. Victoria with only a few brief stops at some blooming Eupatorium odoratum along the roadside north of Padilla. The flowering vines along the road into Troncones were in full bloom and crawling with butterflies, particularly hairstreaks, some pierids, and some nymphalids. We didn't have too much time to spend as we were trying to make it to a friend's house near Gomez Farias before dark.

Saturday morning we spent several hours working the road between El Encino and the low water bridge over the Rio Sabinas. The highlight was seeing an Emerald Aguna. Most of the action was around white flowering trees that were too tall for easy photography. After a brief side trip to Gomez Farias we drove on to the Cañon de la Servilleta just south of the Ocampo road before it crosses the Sierra de la Cuchara. A mile or so down the road we came to the beginning of the small village. The second house on the right had orange and pink bougainvilleas blooming in the fence. With these there were white flowering vines that hairstreaks usually love and sure enough a very fresh Regal Hairsteak posed for dozens of photos. Neora and Strophius Hairstreaks and four different Arcius Swordtails let us take many, many more photos. Once we finally tore ourselves away, we drove on to the river that flows through the canyon. A beautiful Damo Hairsteak was laying eggs and allowed us to photograph the entire process.We drove on to Ocampo and spent the night at a simple but perfectly adequate hotel (Las Cabañas). Cost was $125 pesos for a single room.

Sunday morning we left Ocampo and drove part way across the road from west of Ocampo to Naranjo. The roadside was drier than on previous trips and butterflies were not abundant. In fact, it was slow. Consequently, we decided to go back to Cañon de la Servilleta. All the hairstreaks from the previous day and a few new individuals were in the same vine. After cocktails on the terrace at Cumbres Inn in Gomez Farias, we went to a friend's house for the night.

Monday morning we explored the first few miles of the road from Azteca on the Rio Sabinas to Gomez Farias. This is beautiful semi-evergreen and evergreen forest and the road is very good. Some great hairstreaks have been reported on this road in the past. A blustery "norte" soon put an end to our trip, and we headed for the border.

A total of 190 species were identified.


Trip List
   (Range Extension) States
Cupido comyntas Eastern Tailed-blue NL/T
Hemiargus hanno Hanno (Ceraunus) Blue NL/T
Leptotes cassius Cassius Blue NL/SL/T
Leptotes marina Marine Blue NL/SL/T
Euraeus toxea Mexican Cycadian SL/T
Chlorostrymon simaethis Silver-banded Hairstreak NL/SL/T
Cyanophrys herodotus Tropical Greenstreak NL/SL/T
Rekoa sp Rekoa Hairstreak SL/T
Rekoa meton Tiger-eye Hairstreak SL/T
Strephonota tephraeus Pearly-gray Hairstreak SL/T
Atlides polybe Black-veined Hairstreak SL/T
Oenomaus ortygnus Aquamarine Hairstreak SL/T
Pseudolycaena damo Damo Hairstreak SL/T
Theritas theocritus Pearly Hairstreak T
Ministrymon azia Gray Ministreak NL/SL/T
Ministrymon clytie Clytie Ministreak NL/SL/T
Strymon albata White Scrub-Hairstreak NL/SL/T
Strymon rufofusca Red-crescent NL/SL/T
Strymon melinus Gray   NL/SL/T
Strymon bazochii Lantana NL/SL/T
Strymon istapa Mallow NL/SL/T
Panthiades bathildis  Zebra SL/T
Panthiades bitias  Intense-blue SL/T
Euselasia eubule Dusky Metalmark SLP/T
Calephelis perditalis Rounded MM NL/T 
Calephelis fulmen  Strong-spotted Scintillant  T
Caria ino Red-bordered Metalmark NL/T
Rhetus arcius Arcius Swordtail SLP/T
Melanis cephise White-rayed Pixie  SL/T
Melanis pixe Red-bordered Pixie NL/SL/T
Anteros carausius Carousing Jewelmark  NL/SL/T
Lasaia agesilas Black-patched Metalmark NL/SL/T
Lasaia sessilis Sessilis Metalmark NL/SL/T
Lasaia sula Blue Metalmark NL/SL/T
Calydna sturnula Black-and-white Mottlemark T
Emesis mandana Mandana Metalmark SL/T
Emesis tenedia Falcate Metalmark NL/SL/T
Apodemia hypoglauca Hypoglauca Metalmark NL/SLP
Parides montezuma Montezuma Cattleheart
Protographium epidaus Long-tailed Kite-swallowtail SL/T
Battus philenor Pipevine Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Battus polydamas Polydamas Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Heraclides anchisiades  Ruby-spotted Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Heraclides cresphontes  Giant Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Heraclides ornythion  Ornythion Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Mimoides phaon Variable Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Papilio polyxenes Black Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Pterourus menatius victorinus Victorine Swallowtail NL/SL/T
Pierids - Mimic-whites none
Zerene cesonia Southern Dogface NL/SL/T
Anteos clorinde White Angled-sulphur NL/SL/T
Anteos maerula Yellow Angled-sulphur NL/SL/T
Phoebis agarithe Large Orange Sulphur NL/SL/T
Phoebis argante  Apricot Sulphur NL/SL/T
Phoebis neocypris virgo  Tailed Sulphur SL/T
Phoebis philea  Orange-barred Sulphur NL/SL/T
Phoebis sennae  Cloudless Sulphur NL/SL/T
Aphrissa statira Statira Sulphur NL/SL/T
Pyrisitia lisa Little Yellow NL/SL/T
Pyrisitia nise Mimosa Yellow NL/SL/T
Pyrisitia proterpia Tailed Orange NL/SL/T
Eurema albula Ghost Yellow SL/T
Eurema daira Barred Yellow NL/SL/T
Eurema mexicana Mexican Yellow NL/SL/T
Eurema salome Salome Yellow NL/SL/T
Eurema arbela boisduvaliana Boisduval's Yellow NL/SL/T
Nathalis iole Dainty Sulphur NL/SL/T
Hesperocharis costaricensis Pallid Tile-white SL/T
Catasticta flisa  Narrow-banded Dartwhite SL/T
Catasticta nimbice Mexican Dartwhite NL/SL/T
Melete lycimnia isandra Northern or Creamy Melwhite SL/T
Glutophrissa drusilla Florida or Tropical White NL/SL/T
Pontia protodice Checkered White NL/SL/T
Libytheana carinenta American Snout NL/T 
Danaeus eresimus Soldier NL/SL/T
Danaeus gilippus Queen NL/SL/T
Danaeus plexippus Monarch  NL/SL/T
Dircenna klugii Klug's SL/T
Greta morgane Morgane Clearwing SL/T
Oleria paula Paula Clearwing SL
Morpho helenor montezuma Common Morpho SL/T
Opsiphanes invirae Lowland Owlet SL/T
Cepheuptychia glaucina Glacier-blue Satyr SL
Cissia pompilia Pompilia Satyr SL/T
Hermeuptychia sosybius Carolina Satyr NL/SL/T
Pareuptychia ocirrhoe Two-banded Satyr SL/T
Taygetis thamyra Andromeda Satyr SL/T
Anaea troglodyta aidea Tropical Leafwing NL/SL/T
Fountainea glycerium Angled Leafwing SL/T
Memphis pithyusa Pale-spotted Leafwing NL/SL/T
Siderone syntyche  Red-striped Leafwing SL/T
Archaeoprepona demophon One-spotted Prepona NL/SL/T
  Tropical Brushfoots/Biblidinae
Marpesia chiron Many-banded Daggerwing SL/T
Marpesia petreus  Ruddy Daggerwing NL/SL/T
Biblis hyperia Red Rim NL/SL/T
Mestra dorcas Common Mestra NL/SL/T
Eunica monima Dingy Purplewing NL/SL/T
Eunica tatila Florida Purplewing NL/SL/T
Myscelia cyaniris Whitened Bluewing SL/T
Myscelia ethusa Mexican Bluewing NL/SL/T
Hamadryas amphinome  Red Cracker SL/T
Hamadryas februa  Gray Cracker NL/SL/T
Hamadryas glauconome  Glaucous Cracker NL/SL/T
Hamadryas guatemalena  Guatemalan Cracker NL/SL/T
Epiphile adrasta Common Banner NL/SL/T
Temenis laothoe Orange Banner SL/T
Dynamaine dyonis Blue-eyed Sailor NL/SL/T
Dynamaine postverde Four-spotted Sailor SL/T
Diaethria astala Faded Eighty-eight SL/T
Doxocopa laure Silver Emperor NL/SL/T
Doxocopa pavon Pavon Emperor NL/SL/T
Misc Nymphalids/Nymphalinae
Hypanartia godmanii Godman's Mapwing SL/VC?
Vanessa virginiensis American Lady NL/SL/T
Anartia fatima Banded Peacock NL/SL/T
Anartia jatrophae White Peacock NL/SL/T
Junonia evarete Tropical Buckeye NL/T
Siproeta epaphus  Rusty-tipped Page SL/T
Siproeta stelenes  Malachite NL/SL/T
Chlosyne janais  Crimson Patch NL/SL/T
Chlosyne lacinia  Bordered Patch NL/SL/T
Chlosyne rosita  Rosita Patch NL/SL/T
Chlosyne theona Theona Patch or Crescent NL/SL/T
Microtia elva Elf NL/SL/T
Anthanassa drusilla lelex Drusilla Crescent SL
Anthanassa frisia tulcis Pale-banded Crescent NL/SL/T
Anthanassa ptolyca Black Crescent SL/T?
Anthanassa texana Texan Crescent NL/SL/T
Castilia myia Myia Crescent SL/T
Eresia phillyra Square-tipped Crescent NL/SL/T
Phyciodes mylitta Mylitta Crescent NL/T
Tegosa anieta luka Huastecan Crescent SL/T
Adelpha basiloides Spot-celled Sister N/SLP/T
Adelpha iphiclus Pointer Sister SLP/T
Adelpha lycorias melanthe Rayed Sister N/SLP/T
Adelpha serpa celerio Celerio Sister SLP/T
Euptoieta hegesia Mexican Fritillary NL/SL/T
Agraulis vanillae Gulf Fritillary NL/SL/T
Dione juno Juno Silverspot NL/SL/T
Dryas julia Julia NL/SL/T
Eueides isabella Isabella's NL/SL/T
Heliconius charithonia Zebra NL/SL/T
Heliconius erato Erato or Crimson-patched NL/SL/T
Heliconius ismenius Tiger or Ismenius SL/T
     Actinote none
Myscelus amystis Common Myscelus SL
Spreadwing Skippers
Achalarus albociliatus White-edged or Skinner's Cldywing NL/T?
Achlyodes busirus Giant Sicklewing SL/T
Achlyodes mithridates tamenund Sickle-winged Skipper NL/SL/T
Aguna asander  Gold-spotted Aguna NL/SL/T
Aguna claxon Emerald Aguna NL/SL/T
Aguna metophis Tailed Aguna NL/SL/T
Antigonus erosus Dusted or Common Spurwing SL/T
Antigonus nearchus Large or Deathmask Spurwing SL/T
Arteurotia tractipennis Starred Skipper SL/T
Astraptes alardus Frosted Flasher NL/SL/T
Astraptes alector hopfferi  Gilbert's Flasher NL/SL/T
Astraptes anaphus  Yellow-tipped Flasher NL/SL/T
Astraptes egregius Small-spotted Flasher NL/SL/T
Astraptes fulgerator Two-barred Flasher NL/SL/T
Autochton longipennis/zarex Spike/Sharp Banded-skipper SL/T
Bolla cupreiceps Gold-headed Bolla NL/SL/T
Cabares potrillo Potrillo Skipper NL/SL/T
Carrhenes canescens Hoary Skipper NL/SL/T
Carrhenes fuscescens Black-spotted Skipper T
Chioides albofasciatus White-striped Longtail NL/SL/T
Chioides zilpa Zilpa Longtail NL/SL/T
Chiomara asychis White-patched Skipper(Duskywing) NL/SL/T
Codatractus alcaeus/carlos White-crescent/Carlos Longtail NL/SL/T
Codatractus bryaxis Golden Mottled-skipper T
Ebrietas anacreon Black-patched Duskywing NL/SL/T
Epargyreus sp Silverdrop NL/T
Gesta invisus False Duskywing NL/SL/T
Gorgythion begga/vox Varigated Skipper NL/SL/T
Grais stigmaticus Hermit Skipper NL/SL/T
Heliopetes alana  Alana White-skipper SL/T
Heliopetes arsalte Veined White-skipper SL/T
Heliopetes laviana Laviana White-skipper NL/SL/T
Heliopetes macaira Turk's Cap White-skipper NL/SL/T
Heliopyrgus sublinea Huastecan or East MX White-skppr NL/SL/T
Mylon lassia  Bold Mylon SL/T
Nisoniades ephora Ephora Skipper or Tufted-skppr SL/T
Nisoniades rubescens  Purplish-black Skipper or Tftd-skpr NL/SL/T
Noctuana lactifera Cryptic Skipper NL/SL/T
Onenses hyalophora Crystal-winged Skipper SL
Pellicia arina Glazed Pellicia NL/SL/T
Pellicia dimidiata Morning-glory or Diminitive Skipper SL/T
Phocides belus Belus Skipper SL/T
Phocides polybius Guava Skipper NL/SL/T
Polyctor cleta Mexican White-skipper SL/T
Polyctor enops Enops Skipper NL/SL/T
Polythrix caunus Four-spotted Longtail SL/T
Polythrix mexicanus Mexican Longtail SL/T
Polythrix octomaculata Eight-spotted Longtail NL/SL/T
Proteides mercurius Mercurial Skipper NL/SL/T
Pyrgus oileus Tropical Checkered-skipper NL/SL/T
Pyrgus philetas Desert Checkered-skipper NL/SL/T
Sostrata bifasciata Blue-studded Skipper NL/SL/T
Spathilepia clonius Falcate Skipper NL/SL/T
Staphylus ceos Golden-headed Scallopwing NL/T
Staphylus mazans Mazans Scallopwing NL/SL/T
Systases pulverulenta Texas Powdered-skipper NL/SL/T
Telemiades choricus Choricus Skipper SL/T
Timochares ruptifasciata Brown-banded Skipper NL/SL/T
Urbanus dorantes Dorantes Longtail NL/SL/T
Urbanus greentail sp Greentail sp T
Urbanus procne Brown Longtail NL/SL/T
Urbanus proteus Long-tailed Skipper NL/SL/T
Urbanus simplicius Plain Longtail NL/SL/T
Urbanus tanna Tanna Longtail NL/SL/T
Urbanus teleus Teleus Longtail NL/SL/T
Skipperlings none
Grass Skippers
Ancyloxypha arene Tropical Least Skipper NL/SL/T
Atalopedes campestris Sachem Skipper NL/SL/T
Callimormus saturnus Ubiquitous Skipper SL/T
Corticea corticea Redundant Skipper NL/SL/T
Cymaenes odilia Fawn-spotted Skipper NL/SL/T
Hylephila phyleus Fiery Skipper NL/SL/T
Lerema accius Clouded Skipper NL/SL/T
Lerodea eufala Eufala Skipper NL/SL/T
Metron chrysogastra Creamy-striped Skipper T
Monca telata = crispinus Violet-patched Skipper NL/SL/T
Nastra julia= hoffmanni Julia Skipper NL/SL/T
Oxynthes corusca Corusca Skipper SL/T
Panoquina evansi Evan's Skipper NL/SL/T
Panoquina lucas Purple-washed Skipper NL/SL/T
Panoquina ocola Ocola Skipper NL/SL/T
Perichares philetes Green-backed Ruby-eye NL/SL/T
Polites vibex Whirlabout NL/SL/T
Quasimellana eulogius Common Mellana NL/SL/T
Quinta cannae Canna Skipper T
Remella rita Rita Skipper NL/SL/T
Synapte malitiosa= pecta Malicious Skipper SL/T
Synapte salenus Salenus Skipper T
Vettius fantasos Fantastic Skipper NL/SL/T
Virga clenchi Clench's Skipper T
Wallengrenia otho Southern Broken-dash NL/T
Giant-skippers none